Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day Five-Tuesday July 1

This morning began with Lucinda sharing two amazing slam poetry videos.

Then the group broke into groups to discuss the books we read. Click on the cover to learn more about each book. 
Each book was very well received with few blahs and many hoorahs. Our to-be-read piles are growing fast. 

Digital Storytelling
Later in the morning Seth led us through a quick overview of how to use iMovie and Garage band to construct digital stories. He shared a wonderful example of a former student's digital story about his camp in Maine. Emily shared an "In this I believe" podcast from one of her students.  

Here are a few quotes from the morning. 
“Maybe I’m not enough of a stickler.” 
“I’m often paralyzed by perfectionism.”
“Writing makes you a better person.”
“You have to read to write.” 
“Trying on different topics.” 
“Students cannot touch laptops until they have revised three times.”
"Steal and Stretch."

Lunch downstairs in the "cool cafe'" in mentor groups was fabulous break from the heat and a great chance to connect. 

After a nice, long chunk of writing time we had a discussion about digital citizenship with Brigid. 

See the google doc. for the notes and resources. 


  1. Another book recommendation, with positive reviews from both Brigid and Joanne, is "The Circle" by Dave Eggers.

  2. Also, related to the proofreading theme. Check out what The Oatmeal has to say about the apostrophe. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe