Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Favorite Fictional Heroine

To inspire the rest of our summer reading, I invite you to comment on this post with your name, your favorite fictional heroine and the book she appears in.  (If you came up with something new, by all means include it and don't feel that you are limited to one).


  1. Brigid Smith-Franey: My favorite fictional heroine is Anne from "Anne of Green Gables". When I was feel down about my relationship with a few of my students, I reread "Anne of Avonlea" and was consoled by Anne's battle with the Pringles and her eventual success at winning them over.

    1. I have watched the movies over and over again! Isn't it amazing that they have the same character playing Anne? I want to go up to Canada and do the whole tour.

  2. Jill Hewes: My favorite fictional heroine has always been Dorothy Gale from L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz" series. I love Dorothy because of her intense curiousity and her grit in standing up for herself and others when necessary. In particular, I love the opening scene in "Ozma of Oz", when in the opening scene Dorothy finds herself floating on the open ocean in a chicken coop, with no one but a chicken named Billina for company. Dorothy knows she is in Oz when the chicken begins to talk to her; I love how we have found ourselves sometimes having the courage to speak, as Dorothy does, open minded, curious, eager to see what happens next, or, alternatively, as Billina the chicken, only able to speak while we are in Oz. Dorothy's courage has been an inspiration to me throughout my life, whenever a new, er, "opportunity" has presented itself for me to tackle and/or grow from.

  3. Matilda. She's a survivor and smartie-pants with a huge heart.

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  4. Claire Fraser of the Outlander Series: Resourceful, resilient and full of spitfire.
    Sarah Grimke (based on a true story) from The Invention of Wings: finding her voice to speak out for equality for all.
    Miss Rumphius: Traveling the world, and then coming home to make the world a more beautiful place!

  5. Caddie Woodlawn is my heroine. Her spunk and resourcefulness on the wild frontier of Wisconsin is tested. Her father lets her run and play like her brothers while her mother wonders if she'll ever become a lady. Caddie marches to the beat of her own drum.Newberry Award winner.

  6. Jane Eyre is my favorite. I'm inspired by her courage, integrity, humility, independence, and enduring love for Rochester.